Necessity of solution:

- Comply with Decree No. 10/2020/ND-CP regulating business and conditions for transport business by car: Before July 1, 2021, cars for passenger transport business with a capacity of 09 seats or more (including the driver) must install a camera to ensure recording and storing images on the vehicle while the vehicle is participating in traffic (Clause 2, Article 13, Decree 10/2020/ND- CP).

Fleet management:

- Managed by Fleet Management, connecting front cameras (street recording) and rear cameras (cabin recording) in real time

- Monitor the entire driving process anytime, anywhere, comprehensively.

- Improve drivers' awareness of compliance with discipline

- Improve driver safety

- Tool to accurately assess each driver's working attitude

Monitoring and warning:

- 2 cam system (front – in cabin) wide angle, 4K resolution

- Record driving process, save on memory card or MK Vision cloud

- Automatically warns the driver: Hard braking, sudden braking, sharp turns

- Automatically detects students' faces and warns (drowsiness, distraction, smoking)

- Automatically record collision incidents and parts theft

Cost savings and operational efficiency:

- Automatically switches to temporary sleep state when the vehicle is inactive, saving energy

- Smart processing minimizes 4G subscription costs, allowing the system to operate effectively

- Automatic voice warning for the driver

- The minimum time to store images on the vehicle is 168 hours.


- Meets all technical needs

- Production line in Vietnam

- Technology to process data on hardware, saving bandwidth costs and data transfer costs to the center

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