Being a high-end dash cam, AutoSecure converges the most outstanding features and impressive technical specifications

1. 4K resolution, super sharp day and night footage

Dual cameras with up-to-4K resolution (4 times more than regular FHD cameras) can easily capture detailed license plates, faces, or traffic situations, which can become the main evidence for the police or insurance company in case accidents happen. The built-in infrared light in the camera can support high-quality footage in any lighting conditions.

2. Connectivity 4G, Wifi, GPS, support memory card up to 256GB

Benefits of 4G connection:

- Watch live street video and cabin recorded by dual cameras

- Text the driver via the smartphone application

- Receive notification immediately when an event occurs (collision, theft, destruction, ...)

- Save data to MK Cloud

- Accurately track the vehicle's position, itinerary and speed

- Review videos stored on the Cloud right on your phone

3. DMS driver monitoring feature

DMS camera monitors and analyzes the driver's facial expression using artificial intelligence and alerts when the driver is sleepy, smokes, uses the phone, does not wear the seat belt …

4. Automatically "wake up" when the collision happens

AutoSecure stops recording when the vehicle is parked. The camera will be in rest mode until the sensors sense any movement or shock in the surroundings. In that case, AutoSecure will immediately turn on and record the rest of the event. The notification will be transmitted to the vehicle owner's mobile app immediately using 4G connection.

5. Delicate and compact design

With compact size and delicate design, AutoSecure becomes a luxury enhancement accessory for the car without blocking the driver's view.

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