Smart traffic surveillance camera

VisionLPR is the first traffic monitoring device researched and manufactured in Vietnam that integrates artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure traffic safety and urban security

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AI on Edge

AI on edge (Edge AI) là một mô hình thuật toán phân tán cho phép triển khai trí tuệ nhân tạo (AI) trực tiếp lên các thiết bị thay vì gửi dữ liệu lên máy chủ (server) để xử lý

AI on Edge

License plate recognition (LPR)

The technology uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to analyze image data to recognize license plates on stationary or moving vehicles.

License plate recognition (LPR)

Violation warning by radar

The camera is equipped with automatic license plate recognition technology, allowing recognition of license plates of vehicles moving at speeds of up to 120km/h on two lanes with a width of 6m.

Violation warning by radar

Identify objects

Detect and recognize moving objects using AI technology, allowing to assist with lane splitting, traffic regulation, and report recorded information to the Road Department

Identify objects

Recognize license plate numbers

Provides the ability to record information about vehicles moving through routes to provide evidence for investigations and penalties

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Handling speed violations

Handling speed violations

The processing of speed violations is carried out precisely thanks to the speed violation warning feature using radar, combined with License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology. Processing at the edge makes issuing alerts happen quickly.

Traffic management

Traffic management

Vision 1 is equipped with technology that automatically analyzes travel direction and traffic situation, playing an important role in supporting traffic management.

Vehicle management

Vehicle management

Khả  năng nhận diện và phân loại phương tiện giúp cho việc quản lý giao  thông và quản lý ra vào hiệu quả thông qua các thống kê báo cáo theo  thời gian nhằm nhanh chóng điều chỉnh và phân luồng một cách hiệu quả

Traffic field solutions

Traffic field solutions

Vision1 overcomes one of the weaknesses of current traffic camera systems, which is the lack of AI (artificial intelligence) technology because the cameras are all old.

Solution for expressways

Solution for expressways

Vision1 records evidence of violations for processing to ensure the safety of high-speed vehicles without the need for traffic police officers

Medical field solutions

Medical field solutions

Vision1 ensures security and safety, manages parking lots and provides for violations of hospital regulations

Solutions in the field of urban management

Solutions in the field of urban management

Vision1 can help urban management agencies capture information about traffic flow, help plan and regulate traffic systems effectively, and control security in urban areas

Aviation field solutions

Aviation field solutions

Vision1 provides a system that handles access control of airport parking lots and identifies different license plates without errors to serve investigation and penalty if necessary.

Education field solutions

Education field solutions

Vision1 meets the growing need for increased security and safety in schools

Photo realistic

Specifications Download

Processor chip

Ambarella CV25

Photo sensor




Maximum resolution


Sensor size

1 / 2.8”

Encryption standard

H.264, MP3

Recording time

8+ hours 720p30

Recording capacity


Lens system

DFOV 140 độ , HFOV 116 độ, VFOV 61 độ

Interactive interface  

LCD screen

2 inches, 320x240, non-touch, brightness 600 cd/m2


7-color LED or RGB LED




Sensitivity -42dbmV

Vibration motor


Card slot

1 nano SIM, 2 nano SAM


Face recognition, voice recognition





Battery capacity

about 4,500 mAh

Charging time

5-6 hours


Includes 5V-2A power source, charging cable, charging base


Wired connection

Connect the secondary sensor module via USB C port, maximum connection cable length is 1m

Wireless Connectivity

Wi-Fi 802.11n (2.4/ 5.0 Ghz). BLE 4.2, 4G LTE, NFC



Data transmission







Mass 150g
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