Normally, taxi companies encounter difficult problems when managing their vehicle fleet such as: drivers illegally driving/using the vehicle for personal purposes; difficult to monitor when drivers have bad attitudes towards customers; Drivers lose concentration while driving, causing accidents, etc. These things negatively affect service quality and reduce the company's competitive advantage in the market. Understanding this, MK Vision connects the AutoSecure dash cam system through the Fleet Management fleet management application. With just one account and one device (phone, computer), the manager can directly monitor the quality of transport and the attitude of all drivers.

Application functions:

- Watch front and in-cab videos of the entire fleet. Call and talk directly with the driver via camera.

- View the location, speed, status of the vehicle fleet on the map, warn when a vehicle leaves the geographical boundary

- Receive notifications when the driver is distracted, uses the phone, smokes, or does not wear a seat belt. (DMS feature, applying advanced Image Recognition algorithm) - Receive notifications when abnormal driving behaviors occur: sudden braking, sharp turns, sudden acceleration,...

- Receive notifications when there is a collision or vandalism when the vehicle is parked

- For drivers: DMS tool provides immediate verbal reminders when the driver shows signs of drowsiness or loss of concentration.

In addition, AutoSecure also ensures the quality and durability of the hardware with:

- 2 street and cabin cameras, super wide angle, resolution up to 4K - High quality hardware, long-term operation

- There is an API that integrates with state agency systems

- Supports 256GB memory card

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