Warranty Policy


1. Warranty period

Camera: 12-month warranty from the date of original purchase (3-month warranty to exchange for a new product in case of manufacturing defect)

Included accessories:

  • DMS Camera: 12month warranty (3-month warranty to exchange for a new product in case of manufacturing defect)
  • GPS antenna and connecting wire: 6month warranty

2. Condition

  • Warranty in case of manufacturing defect
  • The warranty period on warranty card and stamp or goods delivery notes remain in effect

3. Warranty does not apply under any of the following conditions:

  • Expired warranty
  • Series number, barcode and imei number are scratched, torn and/or unreadable
  • Operational failure due to natural disaster, fire or not following the voltage regulation
  • Any sign of insect infiltration or poor warranty condition
  • Contact with liquid (applicable to product without IP66 and IP67 waterproof standards)
  • Product is dropped, broken, impacted, dented, cracked, punctured, product is defective due to improper installation
  • Damage caused directly by camera user
  • In some force majeure cases, user and manufacturer can negotiate to find the optimal solutions which ensure the rights and interests of both parties.

4. Fee

  • If the product meets all warranty condition, warranty fee is free. However, customers will need to pay extra fee related to delivery (if any).
  • If the product does not meet our warranty condition, please contact … for more information

5. Support information

Our customer service center:

  • Phone number:
  • Email: contact@mkvision.com
  • Address:
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