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Before July 1, 2021, commercial vehicles with a capacity of 09 seaters (including drivers) or more must be equipped with a dash camera with footage recording and storing functions. This is a completely new regulation of the Government, as stated in Article 13, Decree No. 10/2020 / ND-CP. However, not every dash cam on the market can meet the requirements of this Decree. Therefore, car manufacturers need to carefully consider the law before installing cameras to avoid wasting time and money on cameras that are not in accordance with regulations. AutoSecure has a full range of features that are consistent with this new regulation. Regulatory details and characteristics are listed below.

1. Dual lens for front recording and in-cabin recording

"Vehicles used for passenger transport service with a capacity of 09 seats (including the driver) or more must be fitted with a camera to ensure recording and storing of images on the vehicle (including the driver and the vehicle's doors ) in the process of the vehicle in traffic. " - Article 13 AutoSecure has one lens facing the street and one lens facing the driver & sweeping the cabin. Both lenses have high resolution with Sony Starvis sensor & infrared light, for vivid, sharp images day and night.

In terms of fleet management, MK Vision develops a mobile application for managers with the following functions:

- Watch footage from both inside and outside of the vehicle. Contact the driver via camera.

- View the location, speed, fleet status on the map, alert when the vehicles are out of geographical boundaries

- Receive notifications when drivers are distracted, use the phone, smoke, do not wear a seat belt. (DMS feature, using Image Recognition algorithm)

- Receive real-time notification of driving behavior: hard braking, sharp turning, sudden acceleration, ...

- Receive notifications when there are collisions, sabotage when parking

For driver: Immediately alerts when the driver shows signs of drowsiness or distraction.

2. 4G connection transfers real-time data to the server

"Images from the camera mounted on the vehicle must be transmitted at a frequency of 12 to 20 times / hour (equivalent to 3 to 5 minutes / data transmission) to the transport business unit and transmitted to the competent management agencies according to the regulations of the Ministry of Transport, storing for at least 72 hours; image data must be provided in a timely, accurate manner, without alteration or falsification before, during and after transmission; " ARTICLE 34

AutoSecure with 4G connection helps download real-time data to the storage center, every footage of the driving journey is instantly transmitted to the server, with no chance of falsification.

3. Made in Vietnam, high confidentiality

"Compliance with information safety regulations for passenger data in accordance with the law." ARTICLE 34

Founded in 2020, MK Vision is the member company of MK Group - established in 1999, the leader company in Vietnam in terms of cards and security solutions. With the server system and factories in Vietnam, MK Vision always aims at producing cameras to achieve high quality and to ensure the highest level of information security for Vietnamese customers.