Founded in July, 2020, MK Vision Joint Stock Company is the latest member company of MK Group. At MK Vision, we focus on manufacturing and developing artificial intelligence (AI) cameras. We commit to bring not only the most modern and high-quality products to the market but also the products that are perfectly matched with the needs of Vietnamese people.

To always keep up with the latest and hottest trends of 4.0 industrial revolution, MK Vision has chosen the slogan ‘Smart Secure Style’, meaning that we always aim at having the smartest security products with modern designs. The hardware and software of our cameras are researched and developed by experts with many years of experience in this industry. We take pride in the fact that the whole process to complete our products – from researching, designing to manufacturing – is done by Vietnamese engineers at our factory in Binh Xuyen, Vinh Phuc, Vietnam. Nowadays, as there are more concerns about the security of different cameras on market, ‘made in Vietnam’ is becoming an important factor for consumers to prioritize when choosing any type of camera. This is the reason why consumers can feel reassured choosing and using our products.



By applying AI technology in our camera products, MK Vision has affirmed the ability of a domestic company to fully master AI technology. Our main goal is to innovate the best products that match the specific needs for surveillance and management of Vietnam market.

Edge AI Edge AI

Edge AI is the growing trend of many technology companies around the world. Edge AI will allow cameras to analyze the data, decide and alert the driver almost immediately. Moreover, Edge AI can bring about many benefits such as improving security as well as saving data bandwidth.

Footage Footage

Footage is the key factor in determining the quality of any camera on the market. Therefore, at MK Vision, we highly focus on researching and developing the best hardware system for all our camera products. By doing so, we can ensure that all captured footages from our cameras will be sharp.

Connection Connection

In order not to be left behind in the era of 4.0 industrial revolution, we always make sure that our camera products can have the best connection. Moreover, we understand that to create the best user experience, it is important for any camera to have a stable as well as secure connection.

Management Management

Along with providing our camera products, MK Vision is more than happy to assist our vendors in building an effective management solution. This will not only help them reduce not only different costs but also reduce manpower and time so they can be able to increase their profits.

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