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- There is no effective solution for company driving management and roadmap

- Personnel must manually check the driver’s working time.

AutoSecure provides the ability to effectively monitor and manage a driver's vehicle usage:

- Camera rotates in the cabin with a wide angle, covers the entire cockpit and the rear seats, and fully recognizes the activities in the car.

- Manage and remotely monitor the vehicle and driver's activity in real time

- Artificial intelligence (AI) technology recognizes objects, detects abnormal phenomena, warns- monitors drivers, alerts to ensure safety for everyone in the car.

- Automatically integrate the list of drivers into the camera, identify, request reading Driving License, compare and confirm the driver's identity.

- Automatically detect fake drivers and report directly to the manager.

- Record driving progress, save to memory card or MK Vision cloud.

- Automatically detect and record bad situations such as part theft, car break-in

- Monitor the entire journey inside and outside the vehicle anytime, anywhere via AutoSecure app. Help improve driver awareness and safety

- Smart processing minimizes subscriber cost for 4G transmission line, enables highly efficient system operation