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Taxi brands have many difficult problems when managing their fleets such as: drivers using cars for private purposes; drivers' bad attitudes towards customers; and distraction while driving leading to accidents, ... These things can adversely affect service quality as well as reduce the company's reputation.

Understanding and sympathizing with the main problems in fleet management, MK Vision has come up with a solution: AutoSecure app - a Fleet Management application on mobile phones. Using the application, the manager can easily observe the quality of the drivers and their driving journeys.

Main functions of AutoSecure app:

- Watch footage from both inside and outside of the vehicle. Contact the driver via camera.

- View the location, speed, and fleet status on the map, alert when the vehicles are out of geographical boundaries

- Receive notifications when drivers are distracted, use the phone, smoke, and do not wear a seat belt. (DMS feature, using Image Recognition algorithm)

- Receive real-time notification of driving behavior: hard braking, sharp turning, sudden acceleration, ...

- Receive notifications when there are collisions, sabotage when parking

- For driver: Immediately alerts when the driver shows signs of drowsiness or distraction.

Additionally, AutoSecure also guarantees the quality and durability of hardware by being equipped with:

- Dual camera for front recording and cabin recording, ultra-wide angle lens with up to 4K resolution

- High-quality hardware, long-term operation

- API integrated with the system of the Government

- Supports 256GB memory card