- Manage and check student exams manually

- 01 student with at least 1 supervisor

- Costs a lot of management costs, time, and hiring supervisors

AutoSecure with extremely smart monitoring and management features helps replace real people

AutoSecure- Smart instructor

- 2 cam system (front – in cabin) wide angle, 4K resolution

- Record driving process, save on memory card or MK Vision cloud - Automatically warn students: Hard braking, sudden braking, sharp turns

- Automatically detects students' faces and warns (drowsiness, distraction, smoking)

Qualified manager:

- Automatically identify students by asking to read the driver's license, compare and confirm that the correct student is allowed to drive the vehicle

- Automatically notify the operations center if it detects that the student is not allowed to drive the vehicle. - Manage and monitor remote students in real time

- Images from cameras installed on vehicles are transmitted directly to the management unit. Effective vehicle fleet management tool

- Fleet Management: - Monitor the entire journey inside and outside the vehicle anytime, anywhere through the Fleet Management app

- Accurate tool for assessing students' learning attitudes

- Complete more comprehensive scoring criteria.

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