CCCD authentication device used

M6 is a CCCD authentication device integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) to read information on chip-embedded CCCD cards and recognize fingerprints or faces.

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Match on Card (MoC) - Smart comparison

Biometric authentication technology is integrated directly into the smart card. Helps make decisions about the accuracy of biometric information right on the card, without needing to connect to an external computer or server.

Match on Card (MoC) - Smart comparison

NFC - Near field connection

NFC is a near-field communication technology, using magnetic induction to make connections between devices when there is direct contact or close proximity. NFC reader helps read information and authenticate CCCD of Vietnamese citizens

NFC - Near field connection

Fingerprint authentication

FAP20 standard optical fingerprint sensor technology is integrated on the device to help improve the accuracy of fingerprint authentication. The data is directly compared with the fingerprint sample on the M6 chip on the CCCD of the Ministry of Public Security.

Fingerprint authentication

Live face recognition

Live face recognition technology is integrated on the device to improve the accuracy of live faces at the time of authentication, data is directly compared with the face image on the M6 chip on the CCCD of the Ministry of Public Security.

Live face recognition

Quick authentication of Vietnamese citizen identification cards

M6 is equipped with an NFC reader to help read information and authenticate Vietnamese CCCD. Save time registering to use the service and unlock biometric verification via CCCD card, as well as control limited service traffic

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Decentralize access and reporting

Decentralize access and reporting

Access authorization software allows management to grant permissions to specific individuals/groups, to only enter/exit pre-specified areas and at the same time delete entry/exit permissions upon expiration, search, view and retrieve access rights. Report access history over time, ensuring area security.

Biometric authentication

Biometric authentication

The M6 device integrates FAP20 optical fingerprint/live face biometric authentication technology processed right on the chip to help limit the possibility of data leakage and theft, ensuring high accuracy and reliability.

Authentication in the dark feature

Authentication in the dark feature

The M6 device uses a Sony STARVISTM IMX327 image sensor, equipped with LED lights, ensuring accuracy for identity authentication in low light conditions.

Simplify administrative procedures

Simplify administrative procedures

The device helps save time registering to use the service as well as controlling the flow of service usage.

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CCCD authentication devices use biometrics to help control entry/exit, while reducing security risks. MOC technology simplifies Check in/Check out procedures, increasing efficiency and service quality.

Banking sector solutions

Banking sector solutions

M6 provides solutions for identity verification via CCCD, data security with biometric technology, and access control authorization, helping to ensure safety and prevent unauthorized access.

Medical field solutions

Medical field solutions

M6 simplifies administrative procedures through CCCD authentication and decentralization of entry/exit rights to specific areas such as quarantine areas, to increase safety and improve service quality.

Medical field solutions

Medical field solutions

M6 combines with automatic doors and fingerprint/face/student card scanners to take attendance and authorize entry/exit to classrooms and school areas, helping to reduce the control pressure of teachers and administrators, creating Convenience for students and peace of mind for parents.

Specifications Download

Processor chip

Ambarella CV25

Photo sensor




Maximum resolution


Sensor size

1 / 2.8”

Encryption standard

H.264, MP3

Recording time

8+ tiếng 720p30

Recording capacity


Lens system

DFOV 140 degrees, HFOV 116 degrees, VFOV 61 degrees

Interactive interface  

LCD screen

2 inches, 320x240, không cảm ứng, độ sáng 600 cd/m2


7-color LED or RGB LED




Độ nhạy -42dbmV

Vibration motor

Card slot

1 nano SIM, 2 nano SAM

Card slot

Nhận diện gương mặt, nhận diện giọng nói





Battery capacity

khoảng 4.500 mAh

Charging time

5-6 hours


Includes 5V-2A power source, charging cable, charging base


Wired connection

Connect the secondary sensor module via USB C port, maximum connection cable length is 1m

Wireless Connectivity

Wi-Fi 802.11n (2.4/ 5.0 Ghz). BLE 4.2, 4G LTE, NFC



Data transmission

Qua Wi-Fi/USB






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