Smart dash cam

AutoSecure is the first dash cam device in
Vietnam is integrating artificial intelligence (AI) for monitoring
and analyze driver's driving behavior

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AI on Edge - Processing at the edge

AI on edge (Edge AI) is a distributed algorithm model that allows deploying artificial intelligence (AI) directly onto devices instead of sending data to a server for processing.

AI on Edge - Processing at the edge

Driver Monitoring System (DMS)

DMS is a smart monitoring system used to manage drivers or riders in the transportation sector or fleet management.

Driver Monitoring System (DMS)

License plate recognition (LPR)

The technology uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to analyze image data to recognize license plates on stationary or moving vehicles.

License plate recognition (LPR)

Acceleration sensor (Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems)

Through the principle of a microelectromechanical system to measure acceleration, trigger a warning when detecting a collision event, sudden braking, or abnormal movement.

Acceleration sensor (Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems)

Protect your safety while driving

DMS has up to 7 warnings, supporting the detection of inappropriate driver states such as drowsiness, drunkenness, distraction... combined with AI on Edge edge processing technology, immediately giving immediate feedback. issue a warning

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Supervision - Centralized management

Supervision - Centralized management

AutoSecure possesses the ability to integrate fleet management solutions to ensure compliance with discipline, safety for drivers and passengers, evaluate drivers' working attitudes, and thereby establish a reward and punishment mechanism to increase the quality of transport services.

Security when parking

Security when parking

During parking, AutoSecure has the ability to detect motion and automatically start recording situations such as collisions or theft of vehicle components.

Real-time reporting

Real-time reporting

Aggregate events on the driver's journey and update in real time - Store - Analyze - Report by route, event, vehicle or driver

Smart recording

Smart recording

  • Automatically record when the car starts
  • Loop recording
  • Protect important video folders

Solutions for the transportation sector Contact consulting

Smart journey surveillance cameras meet the needs of transport vehicles, helping to monitor, warn, report, and manage drivers remotely.

Traffic security solutions

Traffic security solutions

AutoSecure is a smart traffic security solution that helps monitor, manage, report, and train traffic police.

Educational solutions

Educational solutions

DAT AutoSecure provides a smart solution for driving testing, helping to verify, track, evaluate, and manage learners and trainers.

Specifications Download

Processor chip

Ambarella CV25

Photo sensor




Maximum resolution


Sensor size

1 / 2.8”

Encryption standard

H.264, MP3

Recording time

8+ tiếng 720p30

Recording capacity


Lens system

DFOV 140 độ , HFOV 116 độ, VFOV 61 độ

Interactive interface  

LCD screen

2 inches, 320x240, không cảm ứng, độ sáng 600 cd/m2


LED 07 màu hoặc LED RGB




Độ nhạy -42dbmV

Vibration motor

Card slot

1 nano SIM, 2 nano SAM


Nhận diện gương mặt, nhận diện giọng nói





Battery capacity

khoảng 4.500 mAh

Charging time

5-6 tiếng


Includes 5V-2A power source, charging cable, charging base


Wired connection

Connect the secondary sensor module via USB C port, maximum connection cable length is 1m

Wireless Connectivity

Wi-Fi 802.11n (2.4/ 5.0 Ghz). BLE 4.2, 4G LTE, NFC



Data transmission

Qua Wi-Fi/USB

Bộ nhớ


Kích thước


Khối lượng

Weight 150g

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