Protecting Cyber Security with Vietnamese Cameras: Challenging Vulnerabilities from Poor Quality Products


Securing information from surveillance cameras is always a painful problem in society. With the need to use cameras rapidly increasing in households, businesses, and organizations, currently, incidents of cameras being penetrated, causing image and video information to be leaked, have been happening more and more frequently. The article below will provide an overview of the current situation of surveillance cameras in Vietnam and go deeper into the security challenges people are facing when using cameras of unknown origin and quality. poor.

Current situation of security cameras in Vietnam

Security surveillance cameras play an important role in building a safe and secure environment for communities and countries, from families, businesses to government levels. However, currently Vietnam imports an average of 5 million surveillance cameras each year and more than 90% are brands from China, many of which are sold cheaply on the market and do not guarantee quality. and is a double-edged sword of information leakage, a premise for creating large-scale cyber security attacks.

Poor quality security camera vulnerability 

Currently, there have been many cases where users and organizations have had their cameras penetrated simply because of weak passwords or problems in the system, vulnerabilities in cameras, and connection systems. connection between the camera and cloud storage service, vulnerabilities in operations and administration as well as in user applications, leading to a very high possibility of personal information being exposed to the outside.

Therefore, experts emphasize that choosing products that have been evaluated for information security as well as choosing a reputable installation unit is also one of the useful solutions. signals help users avoid potential risks during the use of security camera devices. In particular, users need to pay attention to the origin of the product, and should prioritize the Camera “Make in Vietnam” produced domestically or reputable brands.

Understanding the market demand for safe security camera equipment “Make in Vietnam”, MK Vision - a member of MK Group  has been prepared in all aspects to catch up with this trend by autonomously developing camera applications, building a factory in Vinh Phuc, and gathering a team of domestic and international engineers and experts. With the advantage of autonomy in technology, research and production of AI Camera in Vietnam, MK Vision is a pioneer in applying advanced technology and the latest features in the field of security surveillance. security. 

In the coming time, MK Vision expects AI Camera Make in Vietnam products to contribute to bringing better lives to people, ensuring social safety, and enhancing national security.< /p>

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