"Make in Vietnam" is still the goal of developing modern 4.0 technology in Vietnam. Also with this goal, experts of the Joint Stock Company (MK Vision) are still diligently researching and perfecting the "Make in Vietnam" security camera product, to meet the needs of ensuring safety and security. for the Vietnamese people, because the products are made by Vietnamese people. 

The level of technology mastery of camera manufacturing companies in Vietnam

Although many technology businesses in Vietnam have talked about "Make in Vietnam" production, in reality only a few businesses have actually done this. The challenge lies in ensuring both technology and supply chain mastery. Currently, in an electronic product such as a security camera, Vietnamese technology enterprises often contribute a smaller part than other fields, including the production of small components, software development, or Participate in the assembly and quality control process. The level of technology mastery of camera manufacturing companies in Vietnam is still limited. Most key technologies and product designs still depend on foreign companies. This poses a big challenge in developing and creating products that are completely "Make in Vietnam."

Necessary and sufficient conditions for the story “ Make in Vietnam” get into the essence 

Mastering technology: Businesses need to invest in technology research and development to no longer depend on foreign technology, ensuring safety and security. absolutely.

Mastering the supply chain: Controlling the entire supply chain from product development, final production to consumers helps optimize the process production and quality assurance.

Market: To ensure the story "Make in Vietnam" To be successful, it is necessary to build a market that provides a sufficient quantity of products to meet domestic and export needs.

MK Vision and the story “Make in Vietnam”

Achieving the goal of "Make in Vietnam" The technology industry requires investment, research and long-term vision from businesses. With the advantage of autonomy in technology, research and production of AI Camera in Vietnam, MK Vision is a pioneer in applying advanced technology and the latest features in the field of security surveillance. security. The entire research, design and production process is located at the factory in Binh Xuyen, Vinh Phuc and is being operated and managed 100% by Vietnamese engineers - creating a premise for the “ Make in Vietnam” of MK Vision becomes reality.

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