Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming one of the core technologies of the 4.0 industrial revolution worldwide. All major powers have built their own development strategies for AI, taking AI technology as the core for the acceleration of the economy. In Vietnam, the Government identifies AI technology as a breakthrough and a spearhead that needs to be researched. The Ministry of Science and Technology focuses on advising and orienting to promote technology development, including focusing resources on artificial intelligence (AI) development; At the same time, continue to approve key scientific programs, support research and development of artificial intelligence technology, link researchers, investors, and businesses, promote research and application of artificial intelligence. . After more than 30 years of innovation, Vietnam has developed strongly, becoming an integrated, dynamic and investment-attractive economy in Southeast Asia. 

With the strong development of artificial intelligence, devices are becoming more and more powerful thanks to the support of AI. They can learn and perform complex tasks required by humans thanks to the data they collect and then processed by AI. In today's modern life, traffic management in big cities is always a painful problem. Understanding these problems, AI Camera solutions to help monitor and manage urban areas have been born. This is an important solution in smart urban management, AI Camera can help significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of the monitoring system. This system can accurately identify people or objects appearing in the monitoring area, can filter and store important images and details, minimize inaccurate alarms and help managers. Faster and more efficient processing. The global AI camera (Artificial Intelligence Camera) market has reached a scale of 20.1 billion USD in 2022 and is predicted to increase to 23.1 billion USD by 2023. The annual growth rate is predicted to reach 15.2% in the period from 2023 – 2032. 

However, the traditional surveillance camera system is the ability to manage and handle alarms that often occur continuously in the surveillance environment. crowded urban areas, this causes operators to be overloaded when having to check and handle each alarm case, leading to delayed response times. Furthermore, the constant and large amount of data sent also causes the problem of bandwidth overload. The new generation AI camera researched and developed by MK Vision helps solve this problem with the ability to process data at the edge (AI on Edge). This is a technology that helps the data collected by the camera to be processed locally right at the camera's hardware and there is no need to send data to the server for processing and waiting for the server to return results. 

With AI on Edge, MK Vision's AI Camera helps save bandwidth, data transmission costs and time to transmit and receive information from the server. . Possessing core technology, MK Vision's AI Camera products are directly researched and manufactured by the company. MK Vision ensures that the company's products are manufactured with a 100% Make in Vietnam process, helping to ensure the integrity of national information.

Especially within the framework of the Vietnam - Asia Smart City Conference 2023 taking place on November 29-30, 2023, MK Vision will design an area to display and introduce high-tech products, equipment and solutions with practical applications - contributing to promoting digital transformation and developing the Capital in a smart direction. , modern.

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